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Step 1

  • • A one hour consult
    • Written report
    • Followup conversation

    To first understand your business and the key work and information flows. I will document what I learn and share it with you.

    Documentation will include recommendations for simple actions to implement immediately, for rapid benefit.

    What is learnt will inform subsequent steps.


  • • Everything from Step 1 +
    • Workplace visit(s)
    • Training / Coaching

    After reviewing current processes and technology, I will suggest actions with the best ROI.

    Then we’ll schedule training. You’ll be learning tools that can scale with the business.

    You will learn key tools and workflow processes that will lay the foundation for you to lead the transformation to an efficient digital office.

Team Collaboration

  • • Everything from Step 1 +
    • Training to suit your context
    • To increase collaboration

    Give your core team (up to 5), the essential skills for working effectively together.

    You and your team will be more confident and connected. You will have the experience of collaborating across multiple projects and managing the tasks within them.

    You will be using tools that will scale with the business.

One on one Coaching

  • • 90-120 minute session
    • Personal Productivity
    • Technology Tips

    Each session will look at where you are currently feeling challenged by technology, in the context of your goals and priorities.

    They will include practical learning on tools and protocols, that will give you more time to focus on the important (not urgent) opportunities and strategies for achieving your goals.

Exponential (Change)

Let me show you how to find and embrace those changes that are coming to your industry.

This time of exponential change is underpinned by the digitisation of almost everything. Technology is mixing and combining, to do things we've never dreamed of.

If you embrace change and use technology appropriate to your context, you can increase productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Attention Management (Focus)

Let me help you establish a deep work practice in your routine, that can bring outstanding results.

We are bombarded every day, with stimuli from all directions across multiple devices, apps and information services all demanding our attention.

Managing time and attention has now become an essential skill, and failure to do so affects our ability to get more of the right things done, as distractions take their toll on productivity.


Getting The Right Things Done (Action)

Let me show you how you can process an almost infinite number of inputs, while staying focussed on the right things.

Lift the lid on productivity, by consistently acting on the steps you're betting will get you closer to your goal.

Equipped with a well defined strategy, and the skills and tools to execute efficiently, you will be living a productive life, and getting more of the right things done.

Working together

The following five elements support the transformation process.

Discovery - I need to understand you and your business, so will ask lots of questions.

Documentation - I document (in a shared but private online document), all the discussions, trainings, insights, learnings, agreements, change-sprints and each intervention (begun or proposed). The ongoing goal is to identify where the biggest benefit can be gained, from changes in how you use your time, energy and attention.

Agreements - Honesty, clarity and reliability will be tantamount to a healthy working relationship – between us and between the members of your team.

Interventions - Will include training sessions and change-sprints, that grow out of learnings and insights. If nothing changes, things will continue as they are, so expect some disruption and know it will take some effort to develop new behaviours and habits.

Reflection - Time needs to be allocated to the process of looking back to see if the changes are bringing benefits to the team and the organisation as a whole.

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