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In today’s distracted world, with emails, alerts and notifications coming at us in torrents, it’s hard to FOCUS, and easy to feel frustrated, annoyed or overwhelmed and want everything to just turn off. 

These feelings themselves should be the alert that something needs to change, but knowing what to change can be hard. To find out, you will have to FOCUS, and spend some quality, undistracted time considering your strategies and values, looking to identify opportunities and planning for the future you want to create.

This is very different from MANAGING crises and the problems that are part of your daily whirlwind of business, that demand so much of your time and attention. 

The Eisenhower Matrix with its deceptively simple focus on balancing the urgent and important, has been tweaked here to suit our increasingly digital world.

Attention management is listed as one of the eight digital skills we need to master to effectively navigate today’s digital world. If we want to spend more time focussed on the important but not urgent, then we will need to master this skill. One of the best books I’ve found on this subject is Deep Work by Cal Newport, a must read.

A gift

Two simple tips that will help you AVOID interruptions and Busy Work

Spend some time on your phone managing the notifications for each and every app. Consciously decide what apps you really want to be notified by, and how persistently.

Schedule visits to you email Inbox, and limit the time you spend at each visit – yes there’s even an app for this. This itself, will give you motivation to Unsubscribe from those newsletters you never find the time to read, or that don’t add real value, oh and yes there’s an app for that too.

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