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About James Samuel

I help people on a mission, set up versatile systems for easy collaboration and information sharing across teams.

After 30 years learning and using technology in a range of business and projects, I can tell you that the tools are getting easier by the day. If used well, they have the power to help your team make better-informed decisions in our rapidly changing world.

A four day work week

Digitising the information flows, and designing processes to manage all of the key business tasks, gave us freedom!

In 2003 I partnered up with a plumber on Waiheke. We made two important agreements. 1) To check in each week to find out "Are we still having fun?" and 2) that we would only work four days a week.

I ran the office and applied all my learnings about productivity. We quickly expanded the business, while having ample time off, and avoiding the usual startup stresses.

A conditional optimist

My focus has been building resilient community, with an emphasis on strong local food economies.

I believe we can build a better, more fair and equitable world, one where people flourish in vibrant communities, where resources are used wisely and nature supports us with a healthy abundance.

I've put my hand up for all sorts of interesting projects: Transition Towns, Ooooby, Food Forest NZ, Beyond Organic NZ Tour, Six Figure Farming NZ Tour, Drinkable Rivers, and more.


One eye on the future

I like to get a sense of where we’re heading, and identify opportunities that go with these changes.

Attending events like the Singularity University Summit in Christchurch, and New Frontiers Festival feed my curiosity and keep me on the leading edge of change.

I'm always finding new tools and technology, and noticing trends that have the potential to impact society at large.

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✉  james@jamessamuel.co.nz

📞 +64 21 252 0653

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