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Embracing Exponential Change

We are living in a time of increasingly rapid change, and underpinning it is the digitisation of almost everything. Each new technology is standing on the shoulders of the ones before, mixing and combining tech to do things we've never dreamed of.

It can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

On the contrary, if you can embrace the changes and embrace technology in your context, you can reduce the risk of being just another disrupted industry.

Getting The Right Things Done ...

About James Samuel

I've embraced change (and been involved with information technology for over 30 years), and have learnt a few things, and am a pragmatic technologist.

I'm a projects guy looking to get things done.

Four Day Week

In the first month we made two agreements with each other.

We would check in each week to find out "Are we still having fun?" and we would work only four day weeks!

All Sorts of Interesting Projects

I have been involved in Transition Towns, Ooooby, Food Forest NZ, Beyond Organic NZ Tour, Six Figure Farming NZ Tour, Drinkable Rivers, Crowd Food Network ...
and much more!

Conversations ...

Living From A Forest

By James | November 8, 2017

In a beautiful article by a Kiwi living with his partner Asako in Japan, Dion suggests that:

As perennial forage systems forest gardens are horticultural, they have already left agriculture behind.

Their sufficiency is due in part to the diversity of species and a mimicry of naturally occurring ecosystems but this can be taken much further by adapting ourselves to our garden homes: if you want to eat an agricultural diet then you will continue to need agriculture!

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Making Connections

By James | November 6, 2017

So many new connections are being made, as the wave builds behind the move to natural and local when it comes to food production, distribution and consumption.

On Wed 13th August, the first Ooooby Waikato boxes went out to 48 customers. That night there was a wonderful Pecha Kucha talk at the beautiful Wintec Atrium where I got to share a perspective on future-focussed food production and distribution.

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The End of an Era

By James | November 5, 2017

The signs are clear and the jury is in. The industrial, oil-dependent, chemical-based food production experiment has failed to meet its promise and is now clearly unsustainable.

The quality of its outputs is declining, it’s driving soil loss at an alarming rate and then there’s that issue of dependence on increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

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