A conditional optimist with a passion for technology and local food

On Nov 4th, 2016 Kimberly and I and our 10 year old daughter Zuva, left Waiheke Island after 15 years.

We headed down to Christchurch for the SingularityU NZ Summit. Then to a 3-day camp at The Green School in Bali to show Zuva a different kind of education opportunity.

We’ve just settled in Motueka and are currently in a beautiful eco home up in the Motueka Valley. The next adventure has begun.

Current projects

Light -food for alchemists
Online education for Peggy Lui

Past projects

Transition Towns Aotearoa
Beyond Organic NZ Tour
Six-Figure Farming NZ Tour

My Medium blog

Complacent optimism – the feeling of a child waiting for presents.
Conditional optimism – the feeling of a child who wants a treehouse and realises that if he gets some wood and nails and persuades other kids to help him, he can build one.
~Steven Pinker